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Stereo 3D Technology! Nvidia 3D Vision, iZ3D, 3D HDTVs, Blu Ray 3D, and more.

nvidia 3d vision - side by side left image first



Streaming - All you need is an HDMI or VGA/DVI cable to connect, as a secondary display, to your 3D TV to your computer (you can actually use any internet-connected device such as a Blu-Ray player, PS3, etc...). Once you've done that, you can stream side-by-side formatted videos right on your TV. Or, you can choose to download whatever movie or scene you wish and play it at your leisure using any regular media player like Windows Media Player or Winamp. You just want to make sure that your video player is set to full screen mode and your TV is in 3D mode.


Transfer - If your 3D TV is not, or cannot be, connected to an internet-connected device, you can download and transfer your 3D videos for viewing. You can simply copy whatever content you would like to watch onto a portable USB storage device (most modern 3D TV's have USB ports), or, you can even copy your video content to a CD or DVD and pop it in your regular disc player!




PC - More and more full HD downloads are being made and offered every day, and with the right hardware setup, you can enjoy high-quality, true stereo 3D videos right on your your PC (Windows Vista or 7)! Once you have a compatible Nvidia GeForce graphics card, an Nvidia 3D Vision-Ready LCD Monitor or Projector, and an Nvidia 3D Vision Glasses Kit, just download and install the NVIDIA 3D vision media player, and you're ready to feel like you're part of the action. Most likely you will need to choose 'Side by Side, Left image first' - This will either ask you at the start of the video, or you can select this under File | Layout.


Laptop - Just as rewarding, and even easier to make happen, is to view your true 3D videos on your 3D-enabled laptop.




This old school format is the easiest, most affordable way to enjoy 3D videos on your computer. All you need to do is get a pair of anaglyph glasses, and you're ready to watch any anaglyph-formatted movies or pictures on your existing setup! You can also use the Nvidia 3D Discover method if you have an Nvidia card, but not a 3D display.